The green side of Delta Galil

At Delta Galil our corporate culture is closely linked to our Green Policy; we promote environmental awareness and responsible behavior in all areas of sustainability.
Our efforts include better energy use, recycling and smarter transportation in all of our sites around the world.

As part of our transparency policy we regularly educate and provide procedures as well as objectives to all of our facilities regardless of their location. We strive to always improve and evolve our best practices and regulations regarding energy use, water use and disposal, recycling and waste management.

Part of the world; Climate change and corporate citizenship

At Delta we wish for our global sites to follow energy efficiency guidelines, we therefore pursue energy conservation at our offices and production facilities.
We focus on energy conservation at all of our sites by encouraging sites undergoing building, extensions or change of any kind to consider green building, retrofitting factories and offices so that they are carbon efficient and environmentally responsible. Wherever possible this should include the use of renewable energy.


In keeping with our Green Policy, we develop and promote environmentally friendly raw materials in our products, including developing our own eco-brand. We continuously optimize our production processes to reduce chemical use and improve chemical selection as well as optimize product packaging to reduce the use of various materials and their selection.

In the area of waste and water management, our green policy aggressively promotes the 3 R’s: Reduce | Reuse | Recycle.
In keeping with this policy we continually expand our recycling program in terms of percentage and materials recycled, and have processes and strategies in place to minimize water pollution at our production facilities, where we actively pursue water conservation.