Introducing our 5th corporate responsibility report

GRI report Delta Galil

We are proud to share with you our new Corporate Social Responsibility report as part of the international Global Reporting Initiative. Delta Galil has been a part of the GRI community for over a decade, with the first report published back in 2008.

Our current report addresses new standards, SRS, set by the GRI and putting an emphasis on the business model and strategy of the company as the basis for overview and reporting, a much more in-depth look into company-wide processes and not just a periodic report based on numbers and statistics.

The various topics discussed in the report are based on a questionnaire sent to our stakeholders and partners asking what would interest them about the company and its operations; a way for us to promote transparency and collaboration between Delta Galil and our various stakeholders, demonstrating our engagement in social and environmental issues.

In addition, we have created this video showcasing our CSR efforts and actions in terms of social and environmental aspects, as well as transparency, sustainability and so much more. This is a very important milestone in our constant journey to improve our business and operations as a global company – demonstrating our commitment and dedication to become better every day.

Download the full report here!