Inside Delta Galil’s Nerve Center

The other half of our Caesarea HQ complex is our logistics center – a state of the art building housing all aspects of product processing and distribution, everything that happens between the factory and until the product reaches the shelf.

This 27,500 sq. ft. building is the heart of our logistics chain, making it the largest of our facilities. Beginning with the planning process an emphasis was made on minimizing environmental impact and optimizing our operational resources. For example, in order to reduce energy consumption a special ventilation system was integrated into the infrastructure, with air vents disguised by the greenery surrounding the building, making additional air and cooling systems redundant. Another solution was to use LED lights on all floors, helping to improve and reduce consumption of power by the building. The use of advanced technology is paramount to our green efforts, and we are always looking for ways to integrate technological solutions in our operations. As a next step we plan to add solar panels on the roof in order to make it more self sufficient, and further reduce our energy consumption.


Alongside technical solutions, we also implemented best practices as part of our green efforts. A very good example is waste management; the logistics center, distributing to over 1,000 different retailers and points of sale, hosts thousands of boxes and over 100,000 products being shipped in and out every single day. That is why we have developed a smart and organic system to optimize the use of boxing materials, rely more on recycling and make better use of the materials available on a daily basis. Instead of constantly acquiring new boxes, our teams are encouraged to re-use existing boxes during the various stages of processing, for incoming and outgoing products. They monitor their usage and set internal goals for each team and department. To reach their goals, they also work with other teams to ensure maximum efficiency – each link in the chain is directly responsible, from management to the individual employee. It is no surprise that the results show a decrease in waste production across the board, with a correlating decrease in new material acquisitions every year.

For us at Delta Galil, green is not just our logo color. It represents real commitment to the environment, and a real effort to improve our operations and processes. We believe that we can effect our world, and help make a positive change wherever we operate. That is why we will continue to invest in smart, green solutions and we will continue to look for technological advances that can help us make a better future, for us all.