Our HR team wins awards!

We are honored to have been chosen for two categories by the Israeli Society for Human Resources Management at the annual HR Excellence Conference and Awards that took place this December. These two awards reflect our progressive approach towards people management, understanding their needs and desires as well as our position as a preferred employer. The Delta Galil HR department was awarded in two categories:

– 1st place in the HR Excellence category for the wellbeing program ‘Be Yourself’
– 2nd place in the HR as a Business Partner category for spearheading the ‘Caesarea Project’; moving several sites into a new and unique building – the new HQ in Caesarea.

The award for our ‘Be Yourself’ program by the Welfare unit is for planning and executing a holistic and innovative program, covering a wide range of activities and designed as a platform for the Delta Wellbeing efforts. This new program is an expression of the company’s approach towards employee welfare; putting the employees in the center and encouraging them to be proactive towards better living, healthy lifestyle and self-improvement in their personal lives and in the work place. All activities are delivered on behalf of the company and during working hours.

The second award was given for the “Caesarea Project- Moving to Our New Home”. During 2016 Delta Galil moved into the new HQ building in Caesarea, not a simple task. The project, from the HR perspective, started almost 3 years ago with the formation of a strategy to shift the company from a decentralized structure with multiple sites into a single, unified structure located in  one main HQ building. This strategy relied on support and cooperation from the executive level, as well as developing innovative solutions to the challenges of such a fundamental shift in the company. The HR department put a special emphasis on the business side of the process; ensuring day to day operations are not interrupted as well as talent retention and providing professional support.

Einat Amir quot


Einat Amitay, VP Global HR, said: “Like every innovative product that is developed at our facilities, we at HR work in the same method – we think outside the box, create innovation in our world of professionalism and try to bring the best solutions to our customer – Delta’s associates. Our reward is associate engagement, satisfaction and commitment to the success of Delta.”


Isaac Dabah, CEO of Delta Galil, said: “at Delta, while aiming to be a preferred employer and knowing our best asset is our associates, we make all efforts to give them the most creative, flexible and innovative solutions. I salute our HR team for their high performance in these two projects.”

Putting the people first, Delta Galil is proud to be awarded among 50 other industry leaders such as Microsoft, Intel and the Israel Aerospace Industries. As a global employer, we are constantly developing more advanced solutions to our unique HR demands, maintaining our most important and valuable resource – our people.

The Israeli Society for Human Resources Management is a leading force in the field of Human Resources. The society is active in Israel and internationally, focusing on the development of the HR field in the business world.