When Fashion and Technology meet – Shenkar College and Delta Galil

Delta Galil is honored to partner with the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and present the final showcase for the Active Wear Design course. This is the second year of the Design course in cooperation with Delta Galil, and the second round of students showcasing their final designs. The course was named “Something to Run With” and focused on items for sports activities. Each student was asked to pick a cultural or personal role-modal and incorporate that inspiration into their designs.

This course is a unique program for 2nd year students of the Fashion Design department at Shenkar College, the renowned Israeli design school that is one of the top 10 in the world. The course curriculum was developed in cooperation with Delta Galil and is meant to introduce students at Shenkar to current fashion trends, textile technologies and processes used by the industry. The program includes a tour of the company’s research and manufacturing facilities where the students learn first-hand of current technologies and advancements in the field, but also an introduction to current fashion and design trends. In addition, the students receive continuous guidance and mentoring throughout the duration of the course from two Delta Galil members who are also former graduates of the Shenkar College – Osnat Leon, VP of purchasing and Natalie Ravhon, senior designer.

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“At Delta we have a tradition of working with students from Shenkar College, include internships of graduates and senior-year students.  Usually interns go through a “shock” phase when they encounter the real life industry for the first time, it could be very different from what they were taught in school. The focus is not haute couture, but usable and commercial designs, serving a purpose and a much wider audience.” Says Natalie Ravhon who is a mentor in the Active Wear course.

“This is exactly why this course is such a huge success story. For the first time students can experience the process of designing real products, manufacturing items on a commercial level and all that during their studies. It is so easy nowadays for young designers to use online platforms and open a fashion business straight out of school. I believe it is also important to learn about the commercial side, to experience the industry from within. There is a big difference between designing unique one-off pieces and creating items for mass production, and of course mass consumption. We also wanted to expose tomorrow’s designers to Delta Galil Body Before Fabric philosophy, and educate them on the importance of the client. Successful designs are ones who look at the client and ask what do they need, and designers must think about the person wearing their designs.”

This collaboration between industry and academia manages to produce much more than just clothes; it allows students and aspiring designers to learn from experienced industry leaders, but also expands the boundaries of Active Wear design with fresh inspirations and new voices coming from the next generation of designers. Delta Galil is a proud partner in this initiative, proving that community involvement and cooperation are not just words, but an inseparable part of the Delta Galil spirit.

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