Delta Galil presents – Active wear by Shenkar

Delta Galil and The Shenkar College of Engineering and Design joined forces and collaborated on a special course for second year fashion students at Shenkar College, specializing in the field of active wear design.

Shenkar College, the leading school in Israel for fashion and textile studies, has opened a special course for second year students in the fashion design tract. The course was given during the second semester of the school year and was declared a stellar success. More than just a sponsor, Delta Galil participated in many different ways; from supplying materials to the sharing of information, introducing students to textile technologies by Delta Galil and a tour of the manufacturing facility in Israel. In addition, in the spirit of Delta Galil there was a strong emphasis on innovation, and students were encouraged to develop their own designs and materials.

This initiative, and academic course, were the brain child of Osnat Leon, VP of purchasing and Natalie Ravhon, senior designer at Delta Israel. The two are also graduates of the Shenkar College, and so it was only natural for Delta to make the connection with the prestigious school. The course introduced students to current trends, technologies and manufacturing processes in today’s textile industry. An aspect often overlooked during academic studies are the real applications out in the world. Students experienced printing techniques using fabrics designed for active wear and offered their own prints and designs. Also, students were hosted by Delta Galil at a tour of a factory where Delta introduced some of the more advanced machinery like seamless knitting and sewing.


The students designed active wear items under the guidance of Osnat Leon and Natalie Ravhon. “The products from students were surprisingly very good, in quality and in the level of understanding the active fashion world as well. Participants produced prints and fabrics we were very impressed by, and some could even have commercial value” says Osnat Leon.  “By involving young designers and fashion students with real-life processes and our own production environment, we helped expose a side of the industry that is not taught at school.

What makes this course so special is that we combined two sides of the industry where they do not usually meet. On one hand, active wear is a very technological and utilitarian market, and on the other we paired it with high fashion and fashion design students. The combination is a new direction in the approach towards active wear, no more just black pants but fashionable clothes, unique designer items that offer more.”

Final products by students in the course were presented at a fashion showcase, including ready items worn by models and background information given by each student about special features in their work and their design process.

This special project is another successful initiative from Delta Galil, an industry leader, giving back to the community and using its resources to help develop the next generation of fashion designers and professionals.

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