Delta Galil is moving to Caesarea

Following a 5 year plan and work the company in Israel is moving to its new home in Caesarea!

The move is a result of a comprehensive re-organizational shift to unify and concentrate all the different departments under a single roof – the home of Delta Galil. This move is an important milestone, while celebrating our foundation 40 years ago and another step for Delta Galil as a growing company, representing the need for a “command center” including all the different company segments, except R&D, that will remain in its current location.

The building, designed by architect Ori Halevy from Auerbach Halevy Architecture, is designed in a modern way, expressing the global power of Delta Galil, dynamic movement and flow. It embodies the innovative spirit of Delta Galil through a round design, without sharp corners or edges. The complete design is fresh, fashionable and contemporary, representing the artistic side of Delta Galil as a company in the fashion business. In addition, the building was designed with a “green” approach of utilizing natural resources, like natural light, to make the new building a part of its environment and not an artificial addition. The terraces and garden surrounding the building also offer alternative work spaces that enable the use of the complex as a whole, and not just an office building.

This holistic idea and approach for the Delta Galil headquarters are also evident in the interior, designed by the renowned Italian designer Pierpaolo Ricatti. With the workers’ needs and comfort in mind, the workspace was built with an emphasis on open spaces, light and transparency. This is meant to encourage creativity, sharing knowledge, team work and communication between all associates – the people of Delta.

The project required many associates to join forces , including Isaac Dabah, our CEO, as a visionary for this new HQ building: The actual building process, Led by Raz Sapir, was done with assistance from of the IT department regarding infrastructure, HR department regarding solutions for the various associates and more. We want to take this opportunity to thank all who were involved and we hope this new environment will encourage more sharing, team work, transparency and new achievements all around.

The new home of Deltas Galil in Israel invites us to use the building and its surroundings for various activities and purposes, be it work, recreation or networking. This is all part of the culture Delta Galil will foster when moving in to the new headquarters.

We welcome you all to visit!

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