The Delta Galil green factory in Rousse Bulgaria

In September 2011, Delta Galil held the official launch of the new state-of-the-art and completely green socks factory, which joined Delta’s production system. The happiness and pride that characterized this process are a reflection of its unique advantages for the Socks and Seamless Operation Division, and for Delta, as a whole, as explained by Yigal Heretz, manager of the Delta textile factory in Bulgaria and manager of the new factory: “The green, state-of-the-art factory is another step in our efforts to become the first choice of our customers!”

The factory joined Delta Bulgaria’s existing production system, in the flux of a development momentum. Based on the modern requirements of the market and the customers – including modifications to meet the green trend that is growing among our customers and among consumers.

Among the guests at the official launch were the Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria, Noah Gal -Gendler; the Bulgarian District Governor, Plamen Stoilov; suppliers’ representatives, and naturally, Delta’s senior managers. Yigal Heretz: “The opening of the new factory is part of the company’s strategy for turning Delta Bulgaria into one of its leading sites. In recent years, personnel infrastructure and equipment have been built that enable us to take an additional step toward excellence.”


A Totally Green Factory in the process of receiving LEED certification

The new factory meets the most stringent and progressive international environmental standards: It was planned and constructed according to the international LEED standards and is currently in the process of receiving certification. Green issues in Bulgaria are spearheaded by Green Officer Vladimir Petkov, which is engaged in the final quality inspection of the finished product, serving as the eyes of the customer. As part of the team’s professional responsibility, it conducts a laboratory test of the threads and the socks, in order to ensure that they meet all the standards.

Svetoslava Nikolova is responsible for implementing the LEED Project in Bulgaria and for the green issues at the factory – including the learning and construction process, and adhering to LEED’s silver standard. She began working at Delta about 6.5 years ago, when she was a biology student; and although she joined the green field almost by accident, she describes herself as a green person, inside and out.

Svetoslava: “The green standard at the new factory is expressed in a variety of aspects: the use of local construction materials avoiding any additional cost or wasting of energy for shipment. The materials and components used for construction and lighting, ventilation and heating are all energy saving are all selected according to LEED guidelines. The building’s internal and external lighting are adjusted in such a way that they do not light up the night sky, in order to avoid ‘light pollution’. Water conservation is achieved by irrigating with rain water; dual-quantity devises enable the use of a reduced quantity of water in the toilet tanks; and the taps are installed with water saving devices. In addition to the environmental protection, an emphasis is also placed on the welfare and safety of the workers in the building; one example relates to the location and exact size of the windows, planned to let in a sufficient quality of daylight and to enable eye contact with the outside. Advantages for the Environment, Customers and Delta The company’s management has lauded the Socks and Seamless Division for its vision and efforts that have implemented its strategy. The construction of the green factory is in line with Delta’s strategy to become a very green company, and it provides the company with a significant advantage over its competitors, as it allows Delta to offer customers the advantages of state-of-the-art and sustainable production capability.