Delta Galil in the community

We believe that as a global employer spreading over many different sites in various countries we must use our presence and influence to work with and in the communities in which we live and work. That is why Delta Galil honors and maintains a long legacy of community involvement and employee volunteering.

Today this legacy is an inseparable part of our business strategy, striving to implement standards of conduct and better practices of corporate responsibility throughout the company.

Making ideas into reality

The company’s donations and contributions are part of our overall Social Investment Policy, reflecting our approach to social responsibility.

We contribute through three main channels:

1. Financial donations

2. Gifts of our products

3. Employee volunteering

We take pride in our investments and contributions to the development of our communities, be it economical or social.

Through the social programs we are involved with and our work in the community we wish to demonstrate values of tolerance, mutual respect, the importance of education and equal opportunity to all. We believe that promoting these values will help create a better, healthier and stronger society wherever we operate.


A tradition of social sensitivity

Since its establishment in 1975, social responsibility has been part of Delta Galil’s DNA. Mostly, the beneficiaries of our donations, as well as various volunteer programs, are the ones who need our help the most – children, teenagers and other special needs populations. We believe that by investing in the next generation we are contributing to the development of our future. We also wish to provide equal opportunity to those who have special needs; We support these populations either by providing basic necessities or by advancing individuals via educational activities that teach empowerment, personal responsibility, encouragement and leadership.