Delta Galil is celebrating 10 years in Bulgaria!

This year we mark a decade of Delta Galil activity at our factory is Rousse, Bulgaria. We celebrated the happy occasion in a full day event with a ceremony honoring employees who have been with us for over 10 years, picnic, games and more. In addition, as part of the Delta Galil green vision and in cooperation with the community we planted some 40 trees around the factory premises with the help of employees from all departments.Group photo DTB

At Delta Galil We know that the only way we grow is together, so first and foremost we invest in our most valuable of resources – our employees. Our family in DTB includes the factory staff, now almost 700 employees in various departments from accounting to machine operators. This year as part of our employee benefits we raised all salaries by 12% and arranged for a fully funded supplementary health insurance plan. We also renovated and remodeled the factory for the welfare of our staff, both indoors and the grounds outside.

More than just an anniversary for DTB (Delta Textile Bulgaria), 2017 marks the success of the new direction DTB have been taking towards greener manufacturing and better results. As a company with innovation in its core, we are have been improving our activity in Bulgaria in many ways; developing a wider product range, bringing in new and smarter machinery to make DTB our flagship socks manufacturing facility. To achieve these goals we introduced new procedures and work methods meant to better our manufacturing processes and overall results. From the ground up, our factory is a green facility, LEED certified, built to reduce waste and energy consumption. During 2016 we have introduced a new production system, improving manufacturing while increasing production volume. This meant some drastic changes to some of our daily operations, but we are proud to report that they proved more than beneficial as the results from 2017 show – monthly production was increased, overall quality was improved and we were able to maintain 100% On Time delivery.  This year we made more and better products, while constantly improving the service we provide our partners around the world.

As an industry leader, we at Delta Galil are always looking for new ways to improve and grow; we strive to remain flexible, adapting to best practices  to new processes, always evolving to become better, make better products and push the boundary of our field.

Anniversary event various pictures