All about CSR, GRI and More – A Chat with Hila Ephrati Halper

Delta Galil has recently published its 5th consecutive GRI Report, part of the international Global Reporting Initiative the company has joined over a decade ago.  The report represents more than just numbers and quantities, it is a peek into the diverse worlds of Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and sustainability at Delta Galil.
This current report addresses new GRI standards that require greater emphasis on the business model and strategy as a basis for reporting, with topics based on real feedback from people and agencies. To achieve that a questionnaire was sent to the company’s stakeholders asking for their opinion- what would interest them most about the company.

This is a perfect example of the way Delta Galil is promoting transparency and collaboration. The world of Corporate Social Responsibility has come a long way since the first GRI report issued by Delta Galil in 2008; the company has grown, expanded and formed a very special approach to Corporate Responsibility.
We had a chat with Hila Ephrati-Halper, Director of Corporate Communication at Delta Galil, about her work and how Corporate Responsibility is shaping the future of Delta Galil.

So what is this all about? What is Social Responsibility at Delta Galil?

“In general, global manufacturers such as Delta Galil are required to meet certain standards and regulations all over the world. What makes Delta Galil unique is that we don’t only comply but we innovate, and the same applies to our involvement and investment in Social and Environmental aspects of our work. These topics go to the core of the company, our identity and philosophy, our strategy and of course our day to day operations. For Delta Galil it is not about just meeting the bar, we implement our own codes and internal controls to expand on the existing standards and we remain very pro-active in areas such as working conditions, corporate transparency and so much more. ”

How do you implement such a topic in a company like Delta Galil?

“Because Delta Galil has facilities, partners and stakeholders all over the world, it can be challenging to create a global ‘corporate culture’ concerning so many parts and departments, and that is true for many companies. But since we at Delta believe that subjects like community involvement and sustainable manufacturing are part of our DNA, they become integral aspects of our work, our methodologies and how we think and act.

We invest in green facilities but also nurture our Delta family of employees and their respective communities around the globe. We create well being and education programs that in turn help us grow our own personnel from within. We constantly invest in R&D to make our products and our systems better and more reliable. We work to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our energy consumption and to make our offices and manufacturing centers greener, better and more efficient. “

What does it mean ‘to invest’ in green culture?

“It means the process never really stops. Alongside the various regulations and legislations we also develop our own codes of conduct and check systems to constantly improve. Delta Galil also took upon itself to meet several voluntary international standards regarding manufacturing and governance, and is part of global organizations such as the GRI who advocate corporate responsibility and set the bar for other industries.

In my opinion, a great example of this is our HR department and policy. Delta Galil employs thousands of people in countless positions and professions, with a female majority no less. We cherish our diversity and celebrate it! We create advanced education programs for our executives as well as free balance workshops and a company running training group programs. There is constant investment in employee benefits, health programs, improving the work environment and creating a productive and supportive workplace. Delta Galil is also very active in the community, offering employee day-care, giving back through our collaborations with design schools and universities, endorsing local students and so much more.

So what is next for Delta Galil?

“Currently we are investing in developing our manufacturing sites around the world, meaning we are working on better ways to operate. This relates to reducing waste and energy consumption, omissions, more efficient productions methodologies and everything in-between. We do have a focus on our environmental impact, but that is not the whole story. Delta Galil is a family, and our main resource is our human capital to which we devote many resources. Our HR department has won various awards for promoting well being, advancement of professional and personal skills among our employees.  We see the return on that investment in our own work force; we have quality, creative and more innovative people working with us and we are all very committed to ouyr success here at Delta.

When it comes to our future plans, Delta Galil is on the cutting edge of textile technology, and we invent better products with sustainability in mind. When we offer our clients soft and durable products, it is not only to withstand laundry. The long-term effect is that our products really do ‘survive’ longer, contributing to our philosophy of sustainability. If you only have to buy the perfect item once, you will no longer comply with the need to keep buying 4 more for the same time-span. That is a huge step forward for consumers and manufacturers alike, even more so when relating to the whole industry.”

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