Delta Galil introduces the new community outreach program BODY SPIRIT

Delta Galil is proud and honored to present the new community involvement program BODY SPIRIT, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Social Services and Ashalim department of JDC Israel.

The BODY SPIRIT program incorporates both body and mind and is meant for young women and girls staying at foster homes across the country.
It is open for girls aged 13 -18, who are exposed to abuse, endangering environments and a harsh, discriminating and sometimes violent reality.

BODY SPIRIT is made of 12 sessions where, with the help of a counselor and a social worker, the girls are interacted through a variety of physical and emotional tools from the understanding that through sports and movement, the individual can address mental and emotional problems and relieve stress. This includes sports, dancing, guided imagery and verbal exercises to help process the subjects and create a shared and safe space for personal growth.During those sessions we hope that our girls could learn and develop their awareness and a more critical approach towards the social messages and norms they are exposed to.


Delta is proud to be a company with a majority of female workers, all in different positions, occupations and management levels, and our clients are also girls and women from all over the world. It is only natural for us to invest and help nurture women everywhere.