Another successful year for the Leadership Program in Haifa University

Delta Galil is proud to announce the inauguration of the third year of the Leadership Program for the advancement of students from the Ethiopian community, in cooperation with the Haifa University. The aim of the program is to encourage leadership, community involvement and academic excellence among University students of Ethiopian descent.

The Leadership program was launched in 2013 by Delta Galil in cooperation with the Friends of Haifa University and the Department for Academic and Personal Assistance. The students come from various academic disciplines, but face similar challenges.  In addition to their academic commitments, each student is required to volunteer in the community for at least 80 hours, starting from their second year.

This unique program is designed to help students realize their full potential and acquire skills necessary to reach higher academic achievements, increase their community involvement and integrate in academia and the employment market following their graduation.  Each academic year a new cycle of students start the three year program and receive a comprehensive support package including a scholarship, laptop, classes in English and academic learning skills development, as well as individual tutoring throughout the year. In addition, students in their 2nd and 3rd year of the program participate in workshops of personal growth and empowerment, introduction to the employment market and communication skills, including simulation of interviews, preparation for job offering and more.

Delta Galil believes in the integration of professionals from various cultural backgrounds and ensuring equal opportunity for individuals from different sectors in society. That is why this program receives such attention and investment, it is the real-life implementation of these core values that guide any Delta Galil social responsibility activity.

hifa third year_B