21 Students graduate the first cycle of the Leadership Program at Haifa University

We are proud and honored to announce that 21 students have successfully graduated the first cycle of the Leadership program for Ethiopian students at Haifa University sponsored by Delta Galil.

The university of Haifa and Delta Galil celebrated completion of the first cycle of the leadership program for students of Ethiopian decent. All students participating are studying for their Bachelors degrees, and the first graduating group is comprised of students from various academic fields.

The program, launched three years ago, provides participants with tools and skills aimed to help the students achieve personal advancement and academic excellence.  The program consists of workshops and classes in a variety of areas including English, rhetoric, preparing for and interview, introduction to the employment market, interpersonal communications and more. In addition, participants receive a partial scholarship every year and a laptop as means to aid them in their academic studies.

Over the three years of the program, some 60 students have joined and another cycle is due to open this fall. As said by Hila Ephrati Halper, the Director of Corporate Communications at Delta Galil: “we see a great benefit in promoting young individuals from the Ethiopian community. We designed the program from the understanding that academic studies are not enough, in order to help make way for these talented students into the job market we wanted to provide them with real tools and skills to help them realize their full potential and abilities. We wanted to give them an equal opportunity in the road ahead, completing their studies and moving forward to find their place in the Israeli market and society, making them role models in their communities.”


The impact this program has is best described through the words of Moria Tadela, a graduate of the program, who spoke at the ceremony: “Many educational scholars teach of the effects of an environment lacking in intellectual stimuli on the cognitive development of a person, their reasoning abilities and learning skills. I could testify that for myself, in many points in my life in academia and elsewhere, I have faced difficulties stemming from cultural differences and gaps. It took determination and ingenuity to face these obstacles and keep going. The objective circumstances were not always in my favor and I believe many students here can identify with these feelings.

I want to say that this initiative is a gift, and it helped me greatly throughout my studies; the personal mentoring and the workshops were as instrumental to me as the annual scholarship or financial aid.

This project by Delta Galil is a vote of confidence in us, the students. Confidence in the potential we all possess and the promise that it carries.”

This successful collaboration is part of the Delta Galil continuous effort to make positive changes in society and help promote different groups within it. We believe that investing in the next generation of scholars and researchers is important to us all, as a community, in an effort to better the world we all share and give the next generation a fair chance to succeed.